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CERACOS Black Shampoo

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CERACOS Black Shampoo

│ Description │

1) Hair Loss Prevention (Scalp Care)
Ginseng, sewage, iris, green tea extract ingredients are tired damage that nourish the scalp and hair Supply and makes the scalp healthy.

2) mitigate problematic scalp
Quasi-component index panthenol, zinc-rich whole blood, salicylic acid to effectively remove unwanted impurities and dead skin of the scalp with a laxative action on such problematic scalp itch due to dandruff, excessive sebum in the scalp and hair to help clean, healthy scalp and durable makes the pores.

3) Scalp Care System
Remove the hazardous constituents that have remained healthy due to chemical shampoo to use and effective ingredient that helps the scalp and shiny scalp care are conditioned by the role I can help in hair formation.

│ Company introduction │

We are a natural cosmetics product company, which is specializing in preventing hair loss, dyeing hair and scalp caring.
also we are directly production and sold. We always think first in your position, and we effort to give the best satisfaction.
Thank you for visiting our company sincerely.
We would like to solve by using ‘Natural raw materials obtained from nature’ concerning of those who suffer from hair loss. We can reduce the damage to the scalp and hair damage caused by hair dyeing variety of side effects, researching for 3 years.
We are committed to making products that everyone can use comfortably.
Anyone who wants to keep the heart healthy and bouncy hair even after all these years.
However, due to variety of stresses and environmental pollution, that is decreased power of hair and scalp.
Eventually the hair will fall. Now this product has been developed to maintain a healthy and beautiful hair and to make it possible to dye natural ingredients.
By using our all of product, who can be healthy, brightning and powerful hair.
so everyone of MOEMO employers are doing our best for the more comfortable goods.
We look forward to supporting and cheer up for us. Thank you.

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CERACOS Black Shampoo

CERACOS Black Shampoo